Leap of Faith


Over the years, Mo’s cooking has been sampled by many of our friends and family. Our family loves to entertain and we always have friends and family join us at our home throughout the year.  Each time someone new comes over, they always rave about "that one dish or another..."  Our special house sauce, Mo's Salsa, has always been a hit with our guests. Mo believes it's only because of the ingredients that her sauce is so great, but ask Ketan and he'll tell you it's all her.


Opening a restaurant is a lifelong dream that has now become realized by Ketan & Mo. With Mo’s amazing cooking, an ideal location, and the drive to do something different, the opportunity presented itself and Mo’s To Go is now becoming a reality!

Stars Aligned


The year is 1993.  That’s when two souls from two different worlds met and changed the direction of their lives.  Ketan  had just returned from Texas A&M  and had begun plans to begin the next phase of his life working and eventually getting married and settling down. Aurelia, recently moved back from Mexico that summer, was also starting her new life in Texas. As they say, the stars just happened to align that fall evening when Aurelia and Ketan first met.  Ketan introduced Aurelia to his friends as “Monica” (that’s how she called herself back then). Eventually, Monica’s name was shorted to “Mo” by their friends and the nickname has endured to this day. Married since 1995, they have been life-long partners and loving parents to three somewhat grown children.  You’re welcome to call Ketan and he’ll be happy to tell you the whole story! 

Our Concept


The idea behind Mo’s To Go is simple: we want to  help you enjoy a great family style meal within the comfort of your home without the mess and preparation. We want to become your neighborhood quick service, casual dining restaurant. Consider us the crossover between today’s fast food and the conventional sit down establish-ments. We’ll only serve what we make well and are comfortable sharing with family and friends. It helps us simplify our menu and increases your satisfaction. You can enjoy our delicious meals via three main options: take-out, delivery & catering. All our menu items can be ordered in three serving sizes: Family, Couple and Single with the family size perfect for four couple size for two, single size for one. Take a look at our menu where you will find numerous flavorful selections that will satisfy any appetite.







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